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* I simply experienced a failing of my heating unit core fast link pipe installation over the weekend break while pulling my 10K # fifth wheel motor home. I"ve review this being a problem article failing. I intended to share my experience as well as possibly assist avoid this from taking place to an additional. Initially, I need to state, this plastic quick-connect installation was a negative design concept that I wish GM has actually dealt with. Provided my vehicle is currently 12 years of ages, I do all the meticulus upkeep on it and also this concern would certainly never ever have actually struck me as a fighting chance. Certain modification the coolant lines when they come to be completely dry as well as tough decayed yet fast attach installations? Anyhow, on with the program ... The topic of conversation is a hose pipe fast attach installation that lies right at the firewall program on the guest side of the engine. 2 rubber pipes connect to the heating unit core at this place using these fast link installations which the tubes are secured to (I need to have images I understand). The one on the best side broke off while I was underway on Thursday hauling my 5-ton 5th wheel motor home at 65 MILES PER HOUR on a NC 4 lane freeway. I had no idea when it initially blew ... yet my dashboard message facility started blinking a brownish-yellow caution message "LOW COOLANT" then perhaps a couple of heart beats later on it blinked one more message "CHECK COOLANT TEMPERATURE", so I inspected as well as the temperature scale was climbing up previous 250 levels. Could it actually be occurring? I right away jumped on the brake as well as started reducing. The good news is a departure turned up at that extremely minute and also I carried out onto the ramp as well as cruised to a quit. Nevertheless, concerning the moment I got to the turnoff the message facility offered me a RED message that created my skin to creep and also virtually sent me right into shock ..."ENGINE OVER-HEATED"!!! This all appeared to unravel faster than you can state "what the heck simply occurred". The solution engine light brightened additionally including in the stress and anxiety. I was shocked ... on the other hand I rolled to a quit, closed the vehicle off, drew the hood launch and also virtually did a Dukes of Threat dismount reaching the front as I viewed what was left of my Dexcool boil right into vapor from under the hood. I"ll confess, I was almost in splits however was to stunned at the view of my vehicle apparently weeping out in vapor to also add a tear decrease. I raised the hood and also eluded anticipating a cloud of vapor to lash me, however was stunned when little existed in any way. It didn"t take long to identify the heating system tube laying limp throughout the top of the electric motor as well as the damaged installation over it with coolant dash notes throughout. Then everything made good sense, the suitable snapped, coolant under stress quickly steamed and also pumped out faster than a loosened fart after an evening of hefty alcohol consumption. As well as there I was ... damaged down.So video game over right? Being afraid that my engine was potentially toasted, not a decline of coolant stuck as well as left on a turnoff 30 miles from house ... there was still a tiny twinkle of hope. Fotunately, my better half was complying with in her cars and truck as a result of me requiring the automobile to head to service Friday from our camp place (maintaining the DD miles off the vehicle). I was still in shock, however I entered her vehicle and also entered search of a service as well as obtained a 2nd stroke of luck; we discovered a WAL-MART much less than a mile from the off ramp. I rushed in as well as purchased 5 gallons of Dexcool (I wasn"t certain just how much) as well as a channel. Still uncertain exactly how I was gon na fix the hose pipe or if the engine would certainly run if I did ... I detected among those Prestone flushing packages that has the T-fittings as well as clamps that you can mount in the heating system core pipes. When I purged my radiator/cooling system ... my minds light bulb came on with high light beams and also I bolted to the check-out, years ago I had actually purchased one and also mounted it. Back to the turnoff we went, as well as I got my device package from the vehicle. I very carefully reduced the hose pipe to obtain the busted barb installation off then reduced the various other great tube in order to loophole the hose pipes back on themselves making use of the Prestone T-fitting as a port as well as bypassed the heating system core. Points under the hood were trendy sufficient already to start re-filling with coolant. 2-1/2 Gallons of Dex-cool entered into the system. I was fretted that re-starting the engine could appear terrible so I transformed the ignition initially to RUN and also expected messages and also cautions ... listened to the gas pump rotate up and also saw the "MODIFICATION ENGINE OIL" message begun constant and after that go off after a couple of secs. If absolutely nothing had actually occurred, I transformed the essential to begin and also my GM 6.0 V8 barked to life as. Currently I was delighted! I checked the engine temperature. as well as seen to it there were no leakages in my fixing for a number of mins however whatever looked great. So, I closed the engine off as well as complemented the rise container with the left over 1/2 gallon (that"s right, 3 gallons!) prior to talking about whether to maintain rolling to our location or terminate the journey completely. After inspecting the oil and also smelling the dipstick to discover any type of scorched oil smell as well as searching for none (artificial oil is outstanding), we chose to maintain rolling as well as look for any type of indications of problem. The remainder of the journey was uneventful; coolant temperatures were regular as well as oil stress was excellent ... and also I was rather happy. When the camp journey mored than, we headed house as well as once more it was uneventful. I executed an oil as well as filter adjustment that night as well as checked the PCM for any type of codes. I uncovered a P1258 DTC code had actually been videotaped yet there were no information on the check display. When engine coolant temperature climbs over 270 Deg F, inspecting the net disclosed that this is an engine over-heating defense code that triggers. It really indicates the PCM to shut-off particular gas injectors to rotating cyndrical tubes in order to bring temperature levels down. Just how trendy is that?! GM did something ideal as well as something foolish. Go figure.So currently I am changing all the collant tubes and also doing away with any type of plastic quick-connect installations that are left. Youtube has a number of video clips of just how to eliminate the installations without the unique device and also reveals that you put on"t require the fast adapters anyhow.