Benny's makeover is one of the most severe of the 5 individuals-- himself, Ted, Ellen, Gorrister, and also Nimdok-- entraped inside AM. Prior to AM, Benny was a fantastic philosopher as well as university teacher. As soon as inside AM, nonetheless, the supercomputer liquified Benny's mind as well as body to a lessened state that is extra similar to a flawed ape than a human. According to Ted, Benny went crazy years prior to the tale occurs and also currently mutters to himself and also acts childishly and also impulsively. AM has fun with advancement via Benny, degenerating the a lot more polished facets of Benny's humankind to primitive impulses and also blinding Benny when he attempts to get away AM as the team makes their method to the ice caves within the supercomputer. While this could be a satisfying ready AM, it has alarming repercussions: by eliminating Benny's greater mind feature, all that's left is reaction. Therefore, driven crazy from appetite after a months-long trip without food, Benny picks to cannibalize Gorrister once they get to the ice caves as well as recognize that AM hasn't provided a can opener to access the tinned food there. Observing this act triggers Ted to recognize that fatality is the only means they can ever before get away AM, and also he murders Benny and also the others out of grace, in order to release them from their hurt existence.The I Have No Mouth, as well as I Should Howl quotes listed below are all either talked by Benny or describe Benny. For each and every quote, you can additionally see the various other personalities as well as styles connected to it( each style is shown by its very own dot as well as symbol, similar to this one:). Keep in mind: all web page numbers as well as citation information for the quotes listed below describe the Open Roadway version of I Have No Mouth, as well as I Need to Shout released in 2014. And also besides, most of us translucented her problem. When AM had actually modified Benny, throughout the equipment's absolutely unreasonable, hysterical stage, it was not just Benny's face the computer system had actually duplicated a gigantic ape's. He allowed in the privates, she liked that! She serviced us, as an issue of training course, however she liked it from him. Oh Ellen, stand Ellen, pristine-pure Ellen, oh Ellen the tidy! Residue filth.Related Personalities: Ted (audio speaker ), Ellen, Benny Associated Signs: AM Relevant Styles: Associated Icons: AM

 * Associated Personalities: Ted (audio speaker), Ellen, Benny, Gorrister, Nimdok * I was the just one entire and also still rational. Actually!

AM had actually not meddled with my mind. Never.

I just needed to endure what he went to down on us. All the misconceptions, all the headaches, the tortures. However those residue, all 4 of them, they were lined and also ranged versus me. If I had not needed to stand them off regularly, get on my defend against them at all times, I could have discovered it less complicated to battle AM.