Among the coolest components of playing Fate 2 is seeking exotics. There are many amazing exotics you can farm in this video game it's really the very best component of the endgame work.

You're not alone if you're brand-new to the video game and also asking yourself just how to obtain exotics in Fate 2. When I initially began I likewise maintained looking for means to obtain some amazing exotics to obtain one of the most out of my develop.

Fortunately, I discovered a couple of approaches to obtain exotics without needing to grind months. Below are a couple of techniques that deserve having a look at.

Purchase from Xur


Xur, the mystical unique supplier shows up arbitrarily in Fate 2. Each week, he shows up in a various place that you require to choose.

Xur constantly markets unique tools and also equipment. You can obtain them for several of your sources. Along with exchange them for an unique engram.


Getting exotics from Xur is without a doubt the most convenient technique you can utilize to obtain exotics. They just cost you sources and also provides you accessibility to the unique quickly. There's no work included for opening the unique.

Inspect Xur Wiki web page to locate his place.

Total Unique Pursuits

One more very easy method to obtain exotics is to obtain unique pursuits. Unique pursuits can be obtained in numerous means and also areas.


For instance, if you have the Beyond Light growth, you'll have the ability to get the Lost Lament unique mission from Poltergeist in the Tower. This mission opens a badass unique sword. There are plenty much more missions like that to find.

Usage Exotic Ciphers

Adhering To the Beyond Light growth, Fate 2 retired several of its old material. This consists of some unique equipment from the old developments.

Nonetheless, the video game still permits you to get several of the exotics that you have actually missed out on in the old seasonal material as well as developments.


Unique Ciphers are a brand-new money that enables you to re-acquire exotics from the previous developments. You can go to the Tower to trade it for an unique if you have an unique cipher. Remember it will certainly call for added sources.


Unique Ciphers can be obtained by finishing Xur's once a week mission. Or, you can level up in the period pass and also obtain a cipher free of charge.

Total the Campaigns

Finally, proceed and also finish the primary projects.

You'll get unique missions right after finishing each project if you have the Forsaken, Shadowkeep, and also Beyond Light developments.


Forsaken will certainly offer you Cayde's Ace of Spade's weapon as an unique pursuit. As well as Beyond Light will certainly compensate you with numerous unique tool pursuits also.

The majority of these missions are simple to finish while some need hefty grinding in both PVP as well as PVE goals.

Directly, I simply approve every mission I obtain and also leave them energetic while I do my once a week goals as well as normal bounties. Some pursuits full themselves without an initiative.

Do Raids


Raids are exceptionally difficult goals that call for 6-8 gamers. There are some gamers that finish these objectives with less gamers, however doing them solo is near difficult.

Having stated that, Raids are one of the most efficient method of obtaining the very best exotics in Fate 2.

It's typically best to discover a group that's currently on a raid run. You can discover them via Fate 2 Disharmony networks.

There are some groups that will certainly be ready to bring you with the raid as well if you're low-level gamer. Behave and also ask.

Over To You

I wish these approaches will certainly aid you obtain even more exotics. Do allow me recognize if you understand of any kind of various other simple methods to obtain exotics.