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"See, an individual like me would certainly smoke weed '& #x 27; til I visualize. I #x & put on 27; t recognize why however ... insane, appropriate!? This celebration was dope. That spunk obtained pestered fast. The bitches are weird right here."Hey there, currently if you have actually obtained this much in the mixtapeYou should like this beat and also I obtained ta offer you a large thumbs up, aight?I like you, I like you with all my heartDbangz can you consume my ass?In the 15 wanderer doin' & #x 27; 15 overIce up the wrist, however my bitches colderI simply reached church, currently stood out a bonerSike I'& #x 27; m with my niggas and also all of us some stonersI was bumping Gucci, not simply in OctoberAt your bitch'& #x 27; s door like I commend JehovahGot the pussy wetter than the counter coasterI'& #x 27; ma fuck her fast and after that I take her toasterBefore I was rapping, these bitches ain'& #x 27; t recognize meI defeated a bitch butt, I'm a training ShinobiWait no, I'& #x 27; ma Jedi; Obi-Wan-KenobiJust got me an international, I & #x 27; m whippin & #x 27; the horse"Dbangz, you have herpes!", you currently informed meShe simply desire my cash money as well as my phony fucking RoleyShe stated she that faithful, she fucking my homieI'& #x 27; m rapping for enjoyable, I wear'& #x 27; t do it for gloryI change it up, reduce it down, choose it up, pauseBitch, I & #x 27; m DBangz, a 16-year old bossAn oblivious lyricist paying attention to NasWhen I require some beats, I obtain e-mails from GodThese rap artists be bending with cleared out GlocksI rap on a mic that came right out a boxI put a hoe if she all on my jockBut heck no, I'& #x 27; m unsightly, they out my jockI fuck a crackhead, I can provide her some rockSike, I provided her a bag of some grinded up chalkI'& #x 27; m simply a young nigga you locate in the moshI & #x 27; m 200 simple, young nigga obtain tossedGot 200 bullets, young nigga obtain mobbedNah, I'& #x 27; m hella tranquil, I simply intend to talkRun up on a nigga, young nigga obtain droppedEmpty yo' & #x 27; pockets, young nigga obtain robbedI rap on the beat like that crap is my jobMy words on the beat like the bathroom obtain cloggedI consume a bitch butt at the fucking bus stopShe began to discuss my thinga-ma-bobHer butt hella fat reason all she do is jogI regard on females, to thots, I'& #x 27; m a dogNiggas be beefing, these niggas wear'& #x 27; t desire itAll up in my gram speaking spunk in the remarks"Dbangz wear'& #x 27; t draw toes", yes, I truly doI uploaded a video which bitch obtaining viewsI'& #x 27; ll ravage an MC like just how Hitler eliminated JewsAnd I take this bitch as well as we fucked to the bluesHer thick lil' & #x 27; body, entire lotta tattoosShe dislike the federal government, wear'& #x 27; t view the information"Dbangz draw my toes", I ain'& #x 27; t gon refuseI check out her booty opening, put on'& #x 27; t require no lubeI fuck her so tough she obtain fed with a tubeI offered her the cock and also learnt she a guy
I figured out that she a guy, I put on'& #x 27; t recognize what to doMy beats go boom boomI obtained my sniper, go zoom zoomTeam Umizoomi on my wristRoley on my wrist, it set you back a hundred thousand syndicate cash'& #x 27; Reason that & #x 27; s simply exactly how I doShifu was a dudeVegeta was a chick, I'& #x 27; m providing him some dickPause, select it up, select it down, woahI choice at her, yah, I press it to the sideI bring it back woah, choose It up, placed it down, yahWoah, uh, my penis is tinymy as well as so small cock is molecular, I saw your bitch with my speculars