So when I was more youthful as well as I played ffx-2 (most likely around age 10) I did not place much idea right into that would certainly do the most effective with a specific Gown Round, today that I am repeating the video game on the HD remaster variation I was intending to obtain some ideas regarding what Gown Balls are he finest to educate each of the women in. Many thanks a lot!


2 dark knights and also a sorcerer is type of op however amazing, in my point of view. As for I understand it doesn'& #x 27; t issue that is that, though I like Yuna and also Paine to be dark knights and also Rikku the alchemist.Once you specify where you can utilize trigger delighted as well as obtain 9999 every shot, if you are extremely twitchy, extremely OP, a minimum of that is my recollection. I truthfully can'& #x 27; t bear in mind if you needed to relocate via every round on the card, or what the need for that was.The Psychic Dressphere is likewise truly effective, in the maintaining you active front pair that with bow and also you can basically end up being unsusceptible to all damage.Maybe not ideal for handling employers

however most definitely OP.Just beginning? 1x Festivalist, 1x Black Mage, 1x White Mage(the very early-aga spells and also arbitrary opportunity of-aga/flare make it extremely simple). Levelling? 3 Girl Luck.Bosses? 2 DK +1 Alchemist.Via infinito? 3x Mascot.Just obtained my plat today so I am made with both FF

in the meantime. Ask away.How do you Sorcerer? I hear its great for recovery, yet I can & #x 27; t discover it. I & #x 27; m in phase 3, did I miss it, or does it come later.In the

end, the most effective outfits are the special MAcot gowns each woman obtains if you'obtain a Episode Full in every phase in every area approximately Phase 5.

They have affordable, REALLY effective capabilities ... however undoubtedly you won & #x 27; t be utilizing them till completion of the video game. Up till then, I & #x 27;d state it differs by scenario, which it & #x 27; s a whole lot even more enjoyable to blend as well as match outfits than to stick to one subdued setup.By completion of the video game, I'& #x 27; m basically maintaining them in 1 or 2 dresspheres.Paine-Dark Knight( w/ Swordplay garment grid, can & #x 27; t bear in mind name )Yuna-Sorcerer Rikku-

Instructor (with Wizardry garment grid)my favored configuration is: Yuna: Artilleryman, Weapon Mage, Black Mage,

Psychic, Kismet, Mascot Rikku: Burglar, White Mage, Sorcerer, Songstress, Festivalist, Mascot Paine: Warrior, Dark Knight, Berserker, Samurai, Instructor, Mascot I such as to have a Berserker, a Dark Knight, and also a Sorcerer in my party.Berserkers might

not be as solid as Dark Knights given that they give up a couple of stamina factors for rate. They can find out Evade & Counter and also Magic Counter, that makes

it risk-free for them to affect Berserk on themselves as well as essentially go wild.

They still have a charitable quantity of toughness, however.Dark Knight might not be as quick as Berserker, however none of the dresspheres in the video game are more powerful than Dark Knight. Particularly its unique step Darkness. It & #x 27; s a command that transforms its individual & #x 27; s HP to the power of the relocation, disregarding

Covering or Protect, given that it & #x 27; s neither a physical one.alchemist neither a wonderful step is really the remarkable therapist in this video game. The wait-time for Stockpile is insane long, however it & #x 27; s totally worth it- every little thing is complimentary! There are no numbers (thing quantity or MP)that count to recover your event. You & #x 27; ve accessibility to one of the most effective

medicinal products in the video game, and also no quantity of MP to make use of for a Full-Cure kind step can defeat that.Don & #x 27; t fail to remember that devices as well as Garment Grids play essential duties in helping your celebration also. Placing your Sorcerer in a grid that enables her accessibility to her White Magic(the Garment Grid is called & #x 27; White Signet & #x 27;, incidentally-won from a Ball Break

difficulty versus a pet dog), for instance, can confirm to be a success. Sorcerer is the exceptional therapist, however it still #x & doesn 27; t featured Covering, Protect, Regen, and so on. There does exist a problem too, that if 'your Dark Knight is outfitted with the Ragnarok device, no HP will certainly be compromised for Darkness.