Victor leaves Geneva permanently, proded on by the beast"s giggling. A chase follows as Victor attempts to eliminate the animal and also catch that has actually tortured him for numerous years. Victor chases after the beast from Geneva southern to the Mediterranean Sea. Both board a ship bound for the Black Sea, trip via Russia, as well as make their means north to the Arctic Circle.The climate

becomes worse as the duo takes a trip north. There is little or no food as well as intense winter months tornados. The beast swipes a pet sled group and also is seen by neighborhood citizens to be equipped and also harmful. Victor near to within one mile of the beast when the ice on which both traveling starts to break and also divide both from each other.It goes to this moment when Robert Walton discovers Victor, with his passing away pet group pet dogs drifting on an ice circulation in the Arctic Sea. If he does not.Analysis, Victor urges Robert to proceed the battle to damage the beast Going to

the burial ground where William, Elizabeth, and also Alphonse are hidden, Victor wants his dead family members farewell and also pledges to look for retribution for their fatalities. He curses the beast and also desires revenge for all the sadness that has actually concerned him. The beast neighbors laughing at Victor, which stimulates the maker to provide go after to the beast in order to damage him. The beast understands that Victor would certainly go to the burial ground due to their psychic interaction, a Gothic element.The chase leads from Switzerland to Italy,

from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea, from the steppes of Russia to the icy expanse of the north reaches of land near the North Post. Both Victor as well as the beast live off of the land, stopping just to renew themselves when needed. The beast leaves notes behind to motivate Victor on and also to maintain his wave of disgust breaking his opponent, "My regime is not yet over-- you live, and also my power is — total. Follow me; I look for the long lasting ices of the north, where you will certainly really feel the anguish of cool as well as frost, to which I am impassive. "The beast feels they" have yet to battle for our lives, however several tough as well as unpleasant hrs have to you sustain up until that duration will show up." Victor can not comply with the beast without aid of the notes from the beast as well as the citizens" sightings.Victor also guarantees to aid Robert from the immortality to ensure that the beast will certainly pass away a certain fatality:"Hear him not; get in touch with the memories of William, Justine, Clerval, Elizabeth, my dad as well as, of the sorrowful Victor, and also drive your sword right into his heart. I will certainly float near and also route the steel aright."