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Fundamental Info

Call: Tellurium Icon: Te Atomic Number: 52 Atomic Mass: 127.6 amu Thawing Factor: 449.5 °& deg; C(722.65 K, 841.1 °& deg; F) Boiling Factor: Variety of Protons/Electrons: 52 Variety of Neutrons: 76 Category: Metalloid Crystal Framework: Hexagonal Thickness
293 K:
6.24 g/cm3 Shade: silverish

Atomic Framework

Variety Of Power Degrees: 5 First Power Degree: 2 Secondly Power Degree: 8 Third Power Degree: 18 4th Power Degree: 18 Fifth Power Degree: 6


Isotope Fifty percent Life
Te-119 4.69 days
Te-120 Secure
Te-121 16.8 days
Te-121m 154.0 days
Te-122 Steady
Te-123 1.3 E12 years
Te-123m 119.7 days
Te-124 Secure
Te-125 Steady
Te-125m 58.0 days
Te-126 Secure
Te-127 9.4 hrs
Te-127m 109.0 days
Te-128 Steady
Te-129 1.16 hrs
Te-129m 33.6 days
Te-130 2.5 E21 years
Te-131 25.0 mins
Te-131m 1.35 days
Te-132 3.26 days
Te-133 12.4 mins
Te-133m 55.4 mins
Te-134 41.8 mins


Day of Exploration: 1782 Innovator: Franz Muller von Reichenstein Call Beginning: From the Greek word tellus (Planet) Utilizes: tinting of glass as well as porcelains, thermoelectric gadgets Gotten From: byproduct of refining of lead and also copper

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