hi first of all im publishing this since i understand alot of individuals want the feminized seeds so below, s a listing of the various techniques of feminizing seeds i gathered these from various carapeastra.nets around the net and also from what ive reviewed they appear to be official offer em a shot as well as discover on your own delight in from the destroyer.first off an easy
technique for useing gibberelic acid you will certainly require a ppm meter for this.GIBBERELIC ACID TECHNIQUE. ------------------------------ Gibberellic Acid(GA3)This is most likely one of the most preferred method to create feminized seed. GA3 can be bought easily in powdered kind, a fast search discloses various resources on ebay.com for as low as $15. Merely include in water to get to 100ppm focus and also spray the plant daily for 10 days throughout blooming and also male blossoms will certainly be produced.COLLODIAL SILVER APPROACH. --------------------------------- Colloidal Silver(CS) This is the least costly as well as a lot of personal privacy concious means to generate fem seed. Due to the fact that there is so much poor details spread out around concerning its manufacturing and also focus, CS has actually obtained a poor name. It doesn ' t assistance that there are those that rely on alcohol consumption reduced focus colloidal silver forever health and wellness as well as there is info combined in concerning exactly how to generate that reduced focus food quality item. Adhere to the info right here and also you will continually generate efficient CS and also understand just how to use it to obtain constant results.Simply construct a generator making use of a 9-12v power supply(DC result, if it claims a/c then its no great) that can supply at the very least 250ma(the majority of wall surface protuberance kind power products function, batteries are not suggested because their result differs gradually ). The supply will have a adverse as well as favorable lead, affix silver per lead( in contrast to net reports, you aren ' t alcohol consumption this is economical 925 silver is greater than pure sufficient)you can subject the leads by cliping off the round plug at the end as well as splitting the cords, one will certainly'declare as well as the various other unfavorable similar to any type of old battery. Immerse both leads regarding 2-3 inchs apart in a glass of pure water( about 8oz ). Allow this run for 8-24hrs(till the fluid reviews 12-15ppm) as well as when you return the fluid will certainly be a silver or purple shade as well as there might be some precipitate on the bottom.This fluid is called colloidal silver. It is absolutely nothing essentially than great fragments of silver put on hold in water so it is a totally all-natural service as well as is risk-free to take care of with no unique preventative measures. The silver hinders women blooming hormonal agents in marijuana therefore the outcome is that male blooming hormonal agent controls and also male blossoms are produced.To make use of the silver, spray on a plant or branch every 3 days before changing the lights to 12/12 and also proceed splashing up until you see the initial male blossoms. Repetitive applications after the very first blossoms show up might lead to even more male blossoms and also for that reason extra plant pollen. As the plant grows it will certainly create plant pollen that can be gathered as well as made use of to cross-pollinate any type of women blossom(consisting of blossoms on the very same plant ). Action 1 ... Obtain some 99.9% pure( or far better) silver. Coins function well.Step 2 ... Obtain some RO or Distilled water.Step 3 ... Obtain a 9v battery (or any type of various other DC source of power 6-12v)Action 4 ... Hook that shit up like aware. After around 2 hrs w/ a 9v the water will certainly look gloomy, like in the pics.Step 5 ... Place it in a spray bottle.Step 6 ... Haze whatever branches you desire transformed man. Two times a day, regarding a week right into your blooming cycle.Step 7 ... Repeat Action 6 for 2 weeks. When you see the followers leaves obtain a greyish hue.Step 8 ... Don ' t talk concerning Battle Club.ASPRIN FOR MEN APPROACH, quit. If individuals need to get feminized seeds or not, -------------------------------- I listen to several disagreements. I suggest acquiring regular seeds so you have both women and also male. Then when they blossom, different the women as well as men. DONT KILL THE'MEN LIKE YOU NORMALLY DO. Then feed the men with ASPRIN. You recognize ... Bayer or St. joseph. Feed them the pain killers much like you would certainly feed them your nutrients. As an example, i have a 3.5 gallon bubbler container, i feed them with brand-new nutriets every 3 weeks. Exact same point with the pain killers(after blooming)i feed them 1 smashed 80mg tablet computer every 3 weeks. After the pain killers therapy, the hormonal agents in the men ought to transform considerably. When both man as well as woman are ripe, you ought to start the breeding procedure. Heres a method i grabbed to quickly mate(i neglected the website). Obtain a damp brownish paper bag, and also placed it on the male branch. Tight the opening of the bag with an elastic band as well as tremble the branch for 15 mins. Promptly take it to a women branch, tighten up the opening and also wait on the bag to completely dry. after it dries out, tremble the branch for half an hour. The ladies ought to be fed and also wait a couple of days for the seeds to ripen. Plant the seeds and also they ought to show up women in the future. I play it risk-free as well as placed in one tablet computer when i feed the asprin to the men. You could have far better good luck placing a lot more in (like 1 tablet computer per gallon). When as well as i had great success, I just attempted this. Can some one shot this and also inform me their success? I never ever attempted offering both sexes asprin ... ASPRIN FOR FEMALES TECHNIQUE. ---------------------------------- I ' ve been feminizing utilizing pain killers for years.I include uncoated pain killers(2 pain killers per gallon, for 3 successive waterings)to my validated fems, at start of blooming phase. After a couple of weeks, they will certainly generate a couple of plant pollen sacks loaded with femmed plant pollen. Just draw-back is by the time the plant pollen sacks are ultimately all set to open up, it ' s time to harvest.(yet prepares to be repainted onto following plant of fems )Have actually never ever become aware of ' feminizing ' a man ' s plant pollen, however definatelly do not wish to have that much pollen/potential plant pollen drifting around my growspace. __________________ RODILIZATION APPROACH FROM SOMA. ---------------------------- Developing feminized seeds is an art, there are a couple of various approaches of application. I have actually blogged about several of my various approaches 'of making seeds in previous'ABOUT TIMES posts. I have usage gibberellic acid, light tension, ph tension, and also plant food stress and anxiety to compel my plants to make seeds. All these techniques are extreme on the plants, as well as some like the gibbrellic acid, are not natural. In my look for cleaner a lot more earth-friendly means of dealing with the marijuana plant, I have actually discovered a brand-new method to make feminized seeds.Feminized seeds happen as an outcome of anxiety, aside from genes. All marijuana plants can as well as will certainly make male blossoms under stress and anxiety. Particular stress like a greater PH, some like a reduced one. Some like a great deal of food, some like a great deal much less. There is fairly a great deal of selection in cannabis genes, as well as you can ' t deal with every plant the very same way.It takes numerous harvests prior to you truly learn more about a certain pressure. Much like learning more about human good friends, it takes some time. I have actually expanded pressures for a years as well as am genuinely being familiar with every subtlety the various plants show. I can acknowledge them from a range. I should state that I obtain a great deal of aid from my good friends, both in making seeds as well as finding out brand-new as well as far better means of collaborating with this spiritual plant.I called this brand-new approach âEURœRodelizationâEUR after a good friend that aided me make as well as recognize use by doing this of producing women seeds. After expanding plant after plant of the exact same plant in the exact same problems, I saw that if I blossomed the plants 10-14 days much longer than normal, they would certainly create male âEURœbananasâEUR. Due to the fact that of stress and anxiety, a male banana is a really small male blossom on a women cannabis plant that is created. Generally they do not blurt any kind of plant pollen early sufficient to make seeds, yet they occasionally do. They are an integrated in safety and security aspect so in instance of cut problems, the plant can make certain that the types is furthered.To me a male banana is rather a gorgeous point. It has the possibility of making all women seeds. Numerous cultivators available have male banana fear. They see one as well as have heart palpitations, they wish to lower the whole plant or at the very least take tweezers and also tweeze the little yellow arising gadgets out. I call them âEURœEmergency DevicesâEUR since they arise sometimes of stress.In the Rodelization technique, the male banana is extremely beneficial. After expanding your lady plant 10-14 days much longer than typical, hang them approximately completely dry, then very carefully take them off the drying out lines as well as check for bananas. Every single banana needs to be gotten rid of and also positioned in a tiny bag classified really properly. These secured bags can be positioned in the refrigerator for one to 2 months as well as still stay potent.For the 2nd stage you require to currently have a plant that ' s currently 2 Â 1/2 weeks right into blooming. Take your secured bag of plant pollen out of the refrigerator, as well as continue to fertilize your brand-new plant of women. To do this, you should initially match the women plant and also the plant pollen from the exact same stress in the previous plant. Close down all the followers in the expand area. Then take an extremely great paint brush, dip it guaranteed of plant pollen, and also repaint it on the women blossom. Do this per various stress you have expanding with each other. I have actually done it with 10 various kinds in the exact same space with terrific success.I utilize the reduced blossoms to make seeds, leaving the leading sodas seedless for smoking cigarettes. This technique takes some time(2 plants), yet is totally natural and also allows you have fantastic high quality smoke at the very same time you make your women seeds. If you ' re among those farmers that has actually never ever expanded seeds for concern of not having something excellent to smoke, you will certainly enjoy this method.You can likewise utilize this plant pollen to make brand-new women crosses by cross cross-pollinating. The older ladies with the bananas can be brought right into the area with the more youthful, un-pollinated women when they are 3 weeks right into blooming. Transform every one of the blood circulation followers above, and also the littles of plant pollen will certainly continue to make it around the area. Do this for numerous days. 6 to 7 weeks later on you will certainly have ripe 100 %women seeds; not virtually as numerous as a male plant would certainly make, however sufficient to begin again elsewhere with the very same genetics.As a farmer that has actually been required to relocate his genes far where they began, I understand effectively the worth of seeds. My buddy Adam from THSeeds in Amsterdam has a slogan that I like to obtain nowadays: âEURœDrop seeds not bombsâEUR. Soma __________________ Peaceok wishes this assists as well as notifies you people later on.