Develop protected beds for Haven inhabitants is a mission goal in the objective Refuge in After effects 4. p This pursuit goal becomes part of the goal assisting Preston Garvey develop a secure negotiation for his males. p Pursuit h2 tr div Refuge tr History I"ve consented to assist individuals in Haven develop an irreversible negotiation. Area td Shelter td h2 NPCs Sturges td table h2 Interactive Items h2 div style="text-align: center" Workshop td Workshop Things table imager_5_8484_700.jpg" alt="*" Bed table h2 Walkthrough h2 Engage with the Workshop close by. p Click Furnishings and afterwards on Beds. Select among the Beds and also put them in your negotiation, in a location that has a roof covering such as among your homes. You require 4x Steel as well as 5x Fabric to construct each bed. You more than likely will have them from Scrap Products you accumulated from your journeys. When you develop the beds, those products will certainly be instantly junked as well as convereted to the products you require. Excess products will certainly be kept in your workshop. p If you do not have sufficient products for the needed products, you can either Scrap things from around the negotiation, or go gather even more Scrap Products up until you have sufficient products. p Develop 5 Beds. Technique Guide/Tips h2 You can put the beds anywhere within the negotiation, not simply in the space with the workshop. Map h2 div style="text-align: center" Dialog modify Sturges: You going to do some job? p Gamer: I"ll rejoice to aid. Simply inform me what you require. p Sturges: Well, for beginners we can make use of some actual Beds. We"ve been resting on the ground for as well lengthy. Simply ensure we can copulate a roofing over our heads. A few of these old homes still look strong adequate to do the technique. There"s a Workbench over there you can make use of. If you require anything, offer me a scream. p Refuge Mission Develop protected beds for Refuge inhabitants br Gotten from ""