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"He"s a volunteer."The King of capital Prices Quote Web Page: "A-Firefighting We Will Go" Visit this site to go back to the Key Quotes Web Page Estimates from "A-Firefighting We Will Go"Created by Alan Cohen & Alan FreedlandDirected by Cyndi Tang-LovelandBOOMHAUER: Hey, talkin" "round fire fighters, guy? Talkin" "round "Parapet 3-1, Barricade 3-1", dang ol" Emergency situation!, male ... have all those programs on tape, I like that, yo.BOBBY: Ooh, spoons! Can I presume the potatoes will certainly be mashed tonight?HANK: Luanne can"t be a fire fighter. Suppose a large guy was caught in a burning structure as well as she needed to bring him out?PEGGY: Then she would certainly do a fireperson"s lug, previously referred to as a fire fighter"s carry.BOBBY: What"s that?PEGGY: It enables a female to life a male"s weight, via a clinical concept that I such as to call "take advantage of."DALE: Hank"s a woodchopper and also he"s OK ... BOBBY: Perhaps it has something to do with when you injure your groin selecting me up.PEGGY: Well, honey, I do not assume that might be real, given that women do not have groins.BOBBY: I informed you my papa was a fireman.DOOLEY: He"s a volunteer.COP: So you were the ones that broke that hydrant. We obtained a confidential idea it was a lot of kids.DALE: "Number of children?" I offered you names! Hillside, Bobby. Gribble, Joseph.DALE: My name is Shackelford, Rusty Shackelford. I decline to talk without my lawyer present. (stands, removes his hat) I am Mr. Shackelford"s lawyer, Rusty Shackelford. My customer pleads insanity.BILL: My name is Dauterive comma Costs. I am additionally insane.DALE: You pressed me apart and also made me appear like a bonehead before my very own flesh and also blood.DALE (vocal singing): B-A- Bay, B-E Be, B-I- Bicky Bi B-O Bo, Bicky Bi Bo!LUANNE: Why put on"t you simply confess to him that you harm on your own getting Bobby?PEGGY: Oh, honey, you have actually never ever been married.BILL: My face hurts.HANK: And also it"ll match your butt when I"m done kicking it!(Boomhauer"s memory)DALE: Yeah, guy, I inform you what, guy, dang ol" detector, guy, federal government eliminate flexibility of smoke, talkin" "spell yo, man.HANK: Yeah, male, I inform you what, male, dang ol" child ain"t right, guy, talkin" "round kick your butt, man.BOOMHAUER: For God"s benefit, Hank, imitate a grownup. As well as maintain it down, men, will you? I am attempting to make it through a post on classic Camaros, as well as I"ve gotten on the exact same dang web page for twenty minutes.BILL: Dang ol" rather quite pizza, guy, I inform you what.BOOMHAUER: Guy, put on"t go draggin" ol" Chet"s name via the mud, male ... inform you what, Dale"s the one that did it ... y"all leave Chet alone, man.COP: So every one of you thinks that Chet Elderson began that fire?BILL: I listen to Mrs. Throckmorton"s wanting to work with 4 plumbers.HANK: No.BILL: It"s all the beer we can drink.HANK (after a beat): Okay, I can utilize a beer.BOOMHAUER: M-hm. DALE: Yep.BILL: Yep.(They leave to the song of "3 Blind Computer Mice.") Go here to go back to the Key Quotes Web Page