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In a uncommon and also current discovery of information from the devs (, it was kept in mind that one of the most usual soldiers in a Rebel Team Facility are Wookiees. Additional evaluation revealed that while Wookiees were extra preferred total, sharpshooters were one of the most typical at greater degrees (see below). The devs wondered why we aren't making use of skiffs, the EAT-AT's worst headache, so I believed I would certainly explore what must be equipped in our team facilities.

If you wish to miss in advance to the large, crucial final thought, scroll to completion.

Anti-Vehicle Skiff
data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" course="size-full wp-image-255" src="" alt="Anti-Vehicle Skiff" srcset=" 212w, 150w" dimensions="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px"/> Anti-Vehicle Skiff

The skiff, by its complete name, is rather evident in its feature. I found just how excellent they were quite early right into degree 6, when you can initially begin developing them with your degree 6 manufacturing facility.


The 400% aficionado versus lorries as well as 200% lover versus bruiser cars make them optimal to quit an Imperial mech-loaded strike in its tracks. Is it actually an EAT-AT awesome? It would certainly take one skiff 16 secs to remove an unhealed EAT-AT. However if you obtained 3 of them with each other, that would certainly take simply over 5 secs to lower the black pet dog.

Their rate is 3, which in some cases appears unsubstantiated, however they're most definitely not as slow-moving as the AT-TE. They fast adequate to do the job.

Additionally, unlike numerous alternatives, the main target is cars. It appears to stay with that policy 99% of the moment.


When you soldiers bulge of the SC, the very first point a Brat wishes to do is connect bomb them. Sadly since the skiffs allow, they're very easy to strike.

They're simple targets on the ground, as well. The Mobile Heavy Cannon (MHC) is a staple of high degree Rascal strikes, and also it can remove a skiff in 2 secs. Also if it strikes it indirectly, its dash damages would certainly take it down in 3 secs.

data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" course="size-full wp-image-256" src="" alt="MHC" srcset=" 212w, 150w" dimensions="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px"/> MHC

Rebel Sharpshooter
data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" course="size-full wp-image-123" src="" alt="Rebel Sharpshooter" srcset=" 212w, 150w" dimensions="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px"/> Rebel Sharpshooter

The sharpshooter (opened with degree 7 barracks) has actually ended up being one of the most typical device in high degree Rebel team facilities. As well as why would not it? Its key target is noted as "Hero"! That's excellent! That's precisely what we require on protection! It's additionally overall rubbish.

The key target of sharpshooters is infantry. Currently if the hero is infantry (Darth Vader, Royal Guard, or Johhar Kessen), which is unusual, the sharps will, as a matter of fact, pursue them. However if those aren't made use of in fight, then the sharpshooter will certainly pursue each and every single stormtrooper on the combat zone prior to it will certainly terminate round at the EAT-AT or any kind of various other lorry.


Sharps have impressive array. It may look like their target is throughout the display, however they still handle to select it off.

They have a 300% lover versus cars (makes me want they targeted them much more) and also a 200% lover versus infantry. It can secure most infantry and also cars in 1-2 shots.

Their camouflage and also tiny dimension make them hard to link as well as see bomb sometimes, specifically when they're amongst structures. When they're in teams, they are much easier to clean out.


They like pursuing stormtroopers, that makes them so simple to lure.

Rebel Hailfire Android
data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" course="size-full wp-image-258" src="" alt="Rebel Hailfire Android" srcset=" 212w, 150w" dimensions="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px"/> Rebel Hailfire Android

The hailfire is an individual fave of mine. While it was initially planned as an offending tool, it was later on offered a lover to make it reliable on protection too. Regrettably, like the sharpshooter, it appears to pursue stormtroopers initially. To battle this, I have my SC crammed in with various other structures. This absence of area maintains the hailfire secured right into location, till the structures around it are damaged. That makes it almost difficult to lure. Its lengthy array generally transforms it right into one more rocket turret.


I enjoy its lengthy variety. That's what makes it so fantastic on violation and also protection. It can in some cases damage targets prior to those targets remain in variety to discharge back.

It has a 300% lover versus automobiles. That can be found in extremely useful, however once again, it will not target cars till all the infantry are dead.


Imperials hardly ever have their infantry close sufficient with each other for the hailfire's dash damages to have a result.

It has the online reputation that it's constructed from paper. It typically folds up after 1-2 hits.

Speeder Bike

Speeder Bike

Yeah, you check out that right. Why, you might ask, am I discussing a lorry that most individuals quit making use of at degree 5 or 6? I'll inform you why! They pursue lure! 99% of the moment, Imps make use of stormtroopers as lure for your SC. Skiffs cruise ship along at a rate of 3, sharps run throughout the display at 2, yet speeder bikes fly with a rate of 4!


Their key target is infantry, which's an advantage! With their rate, they can fly throughout the display as well as choose off those stormies that obtain spread out all over.

150% lover versus infantry. I desire it were much more, yet it's something.


They're fairly delicate. Its health and wellness is virtually dual that of hailfires, so it's not made from paper, however it's even more like cardboard. A couple of fast hits, and also it's salute.

It does 75% of regular damages versus lorries and also 50% versus bruiser automobiles.

Rebel Soldier
data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" course="size-full wp-image-261" src="" alt="Rebel Soldier ("Regs")" srcset=" 212w, 150w" dimensions="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px"/> Rebel Soldier ("Regs")

We passionately describe Rebel Soldiers as "regs" (brief for "normal" soldiers) in our team. Regs are really among the most effective points to have in your SC. Their reduced system ability makes it very easy to fit lots of them in your SC. I have actually seen 32 regs (from a degree 8 SC) lower an EAT-AT in 3 secs. As a matter of fact, they're type of perfect for the work. The EAT-AT is effective, yet it fires gradually. It can get 4 skiffs promptly, yet it will certainly take permanently to select off every single reg.


Reduced device ability


Specific regs do not do much damages. They work versus huge targets in teams.

They do not constantly expanded, which can make it very easy to flop them or make it slow down for them to secure mass, however expanded, stormtroopers.

What's NOT in my Team Facility?


data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" course="size-full wp-image-262" src="" alt="AT-TE" srcset=" 212w, 150w" dimensions="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px"/> AT-TE

They're as slow-moving as AT-ATs as well as they target infantry initially. If that's what was doing the most harm to my base, that would certainly be fantastic. I have actually just troubled making use of the AT-TE two times on protection, as well as both times it was a significant dissatisfaction, specifically thinking about the amount of systems it occupies (20 ). Unless they make some significant modifications, I would certainly prevent utilizing the AT-TE.

Wookiee Warrior

data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" course="size-full wp-image-263" src="" alt="Wookiee" srcset=" 212w, 150w" dimensions="(max-width: 212px) 100vw, 212px"/> Wookiee

There's a factor we quit making use of Wookiees at greater degrees. Certain, they lose, however they do not do virtually as much damages as they should. Wookiees have actually been recognized to tear their challengers arms out of their outlets when they shed a video game, yet in this video game they do much less damages than regs.

What enters MY Team Facility?

With numerous alternatives, what do I place in my team facility? Whatever! This is the most significant takeaway below. Place as several various soldiers right into your SC as feasible. I have actually seen my protective statistics boost considerably with this brand-new technique. With my degree 8 team facility, I demand:

1 sharpshooter1 hailfire1 skiff1 speeder5 regs

Not just do you make use of their staminas, you additionally hedge versus their weak points. Absolutely nothing is extra discouraging than having your SC obtain baited and after that your soldiers secured with round from a connection competitor. However with all 5 army key ins your SC, that's difficult to do. The hailfire is embeded your structure location, the speeder is flying at 4, the skiff is relocating along at 3, as well as the sharp and also regs are treading along at 2. With them all expanded and also headed in various instructions, it would certainly take numerous connection competitor strikes to take them full blast.

The team facility is the solitary most significant variable to make a decision victories as well as losses on protection. You much better remain in a team that loads it up as well as loads it appropriately. You must sign up with the Event household of teams due to the fact that we give away like insane and also load your SC with specifically what you ask for if you're not.

Published on April 16, 2015June 30, 2015 by KingDavePosted in Base DesignTagged ATAT, ATTE, Hailfire, Regs, Sharpshooter, Skiff, Speeder, Team Facility, stats, Wookiee1 CommentBase format methods with 3-2015update

With the brand-new ATAT message 3-2015 upgrade, it has actually ended up being extremely tough to safeguard. For that reason, I'll beginning that despite the very best base layout, the days of stringing with each other 10-15 protective success straight is almost difficult.

Initially, any kind of base format ought to be made with objective of quiting one of the most usual lorries and also understanding their weak points and also toughness as well as their targeting top priorities. After the upgrade, it's the elite ATAT as well as MHC combinations marked with repair work androids. Toughness of the elite ATAT is it's ludicrous capacity to fire from cross countries at the guard side and also secure every one of your guards. MHC's resemble our hails relating to obtaining turrets. They can be extremely efficient. ATAT's Weak points of these cars, consist of the elite ATAT as well as the MHC are extremely slow-moving. ATATs target guards, then allegedly end up being generalists. MHC's target turrets. Since we understand a little concerning what the rogues primarily like to make use of, allow's talk base design techniques.

1. Team facility (SC) is one of the most effective protective tool rebels have (as well as brats). It will certainly quit any kind of brat, regardless of just how effective or just how inadequate your base is developed. Load SC with sharps/skiffs for optimal influence. I can discuss SC approaches in a different article. As a result, place your SC to ensure that it takes full advantage of protection. I most like it in the facility of my base or at the very least near my HQ. Furthermore, I choose it to be three-way guard secured. With the insane variety of the ATAT, imps often times will certainly secure the guards covering the SC as well as air raid the SC prior to the SC is stumbled. As a result, I like to three-way guard safeguard it.

2. Limitation the strike factors where rogues can release: The even more strike factors you carry your base, the extra expanded your turrets need to be and also the even more your HQ as well as safes can be obtained. This is why I like edge designs. Edge formats aid to lower the array benefit that ATATs have if they release in the edge, subjecting them to instant turret fire.

3. With the brand-new upgrade, you need to spread out guards much sufficient to at the very least make the ATAT stroll a little, therefore revealing them to even more turret fire. Nevertheless, this is difficult to stabilize if you wish to three-way guard secure your SC.

4. Restriction SC tripping: Ideally, most definitely attempt to remove the capability to journey the SC. This was an usual method prior to the upgrade. With the upgrade, I see this much less as well as much less. this might be something that degree 8 brats do not do as much anymore. Yet, I'm uncertain on this. It might be due to the fact that brats understand that their ATAT/MHC's are so slow-moving which their array is so efficient removing all guards, that they can merely air campaign the SC as opposed to consume priceless time attracting as well as stumbling the sc out the SC soldiers. However, rebels can not utilize this technique as specifically, as we do not have the array benefit to get guards. Consequently, we need to journey the SC and also attract it out. Unless you have Luke, as well as utilize the droideka/sharps to secure the burried SC. That's for an additional message.

5. Attempt to divide the MHC (or bruiser container) from the ATAT: Having 1 turret to attract an MHC (or bruiser container) away the ATAT permits your turrets to concentrate on the ATAT, damage it, then by the time the MHC can be found in turret variety or SC army variety, they're done given that their shield is awful.

6. Make the ATAT and also MHC stroll as for feasible: This is why individuals like spread designs. It's really hard to 3 celebrity, and also often 1-2 celebrity, as the ATAT is very slow-moving. Exact same opts for the MHC. On top of that, you can make use of the ATAT's sluggish rate and also it coming to be a generalist while it's strolling to one more guard or after it's fired every one of the guards.

Currently with the above techniques, I choose an edge format. The spread design additionally completes several of the above methods, as well. Yet, I assume a conventional spread format with a guard in 3 various edges sacrifices a minimum of 1 celebrity. I do not wish to provide the rogues anything. So, I modified a crossbreed and also discovered edge spread format. It's based upon Ultimate Mosko's from Black Wing. A few of their leading men have adjustments of his design, as well. Naturally, I assume my own's far better. haha.

This is the format:

Listed below, you'll discover the SC is three-way shielded. While the guards are not as well expanded, no matter way too much as the SC is normally stumbled and also several turrets are striking the brat.

Listed below, you'll see that the SC journey vary covers the whole north edge, northeast as well as northwest sides. If a brat releases there, it is a kamikaze step, as my sharps/skiffs are released on them in addition to +5 turrets, depending upon the precise factor they release.

Below is a cool little spin that I make use of to attract MHC's far from the ATAT. This is why I assume it's essential to restrict implementation factors on your base format. I understand that the most effective method to assault my base gets on my west as well as eastern edges. For that reason, I placed 1 mortar a number of structures in from each edge, particularly to attract the MHC far from the ATAT when they release. Additionally, if they strike southern, the MHC will certainly additionally be attracted away. When doing this, you intend to place some structures or wall surface areas before the turret to postpone the moment it considers the MHC to secure the turret and afterwards comply with the ATAT. Notification I have 1 structure, then a wall surface area, then an additional structure.

Below is an image of the area that integrates a spread format principle integrated right into an edge design. Expand your wall surface sectors to make sure that if they release in the south, it will certainly take permanently for the ATAT/MHC to strike. It's extremely hard for them to reach the HQ, as it's right on the contrary north edge. For that reason, it's almost difficult to obtain 3 starred if assaulting southern.

Expanding the design additionally decreases danger of stumbling the SC. In order for them to attract it out, they need to invest a lot time awaiting my soldiers to reach the cannon fodder decreased in the edge in order for them to drop their snipers behind my SC soldiers. Likewise, there's not a great deal of room for them to do it. For that reason, it requires the rascal to utilize an air campaign on the SC soldiers while they're strolling if they're mosting likely to use this technique. However, I do not see rogues extract my SC soldiers as much any longer for I assume factors I kept in mind over.

That's all I obtained in the meantime. Most of you are far more imaginative than me on base style. I such as to change as well as duplicate. Yet, thinking of one from square one is challenging. All the best and also delighted protecting.