h2 What does Analisa suggest? A nalisa div as a ladies" name is of Latin beginning, and also the definition of Analisa is "beautified with God"s bounty". Analisa is an alternative type of Annalisa (Latin): integrated variant of Ann b and also Lisa b STARTS/ENDS WITH Ana-, -isa p Variants h2 Versions Annelisa, Annalissa, Annaliesa, Annaleisa, Anelisa, Analyssa, Analissa, Analiesa, Analeisa VARIOUS OTHER TYPES THROUGH ANNALISA Analicia, Analiese, Analise, Analisia, Anelise, Annalie, Annaliese, Annalise▲▲, Annelise ▲, Annissa INNOVATIVE KINDS b(lady)(man)CENTER NAME PAIRINGSAnalisa Nalani (A.N.),. Just how preferred is Analisa? Analisa is a rather popular given name for women (# 3752 out of 4276, Leading 88%) yet an unusual last name for all individuals. (2000 UNITED STATE DEMOGRAPHICS) p Analisa was initial provided in 1980-1989 as well as reached its leading placement of # 1317 in the united state in the year 2000, yet is not placed presently. (LEADING INFANT NAMES, 2018) br what-does-analisa-mean div p what-does-analisa-mean div h2 Which variation is much better? h2 Annalise (# 429 IN 2014), Annelise (# 1292), Analise (# 1588), Annaliese (# 1589), Analiese and also Annalisa are the famous differing types of Analisa. Various other versions, like Anelise, are rarely utilized. These connections of Analisa got to the elevation of their appeal in the year 2016 (FOSTERING OF 0.1%) and also are virtually as typical today (FOSTERING 0.1%, ▼▼ 17 %). Annalise as well as Annelise are 2 of the a lot more trendy child names in this listing. b imager_2_5279_700.jpg div p div style="text-align: center" p div style="text-align: center" p br Comparable Names Advised sound-alike names are Aaliya, Abalina, Adalgisa b, Adalia b, Adalina, b Adelisa , Alaisa, Alisa b ▼, Allisa, Amalia ▲, b Amalida b, Amalija, Amalina, Amalita, Amaliya, Anahita b, b Anais. b ▲, Analeigh ▼, Analena, Analia , Analilia b, Anarosa, Anisa ▼, Annisa, Antaliya (see Antalya b, Atalia, Azalia b, Jalisa ▼, Kalisa, Monalisa, Shalisa b and also Talisa b. These names have a tendency to be much less often made use of than Analisa. p